November 26, 2017

How we can help YOUR business

Perhaps you want to start a business. There are lots of things to consider in the way you set up your business.
• What business name can you use?
• Should you be a Pty. Ltd. company?
• Who should purchase your furniture? The business? The Trust?
• Do you need a trust?
• …and so much more.
In order to maximise your tax advantage, protect your assets and more, talk to us about the right way to begin.

Whether business is booming or struggling, we can analyse where your business is ‘at’ currently, and where it has been, in order to improve the way forward. We might discover that your cash is ‘leaking’ from surprising places.

Company restructuring isn’t only for times when a business is in strife, but can be the difference between business survival and the end of a dream. We can work with you
to increase your business viability and profitability during the good times as well, ensuring your continued success through economic downturns. We might look at payroll changes, cost-cutting, sale of assets and more.

Are you having trouble making sure you have money in the bank for bills at the right time? Cash- flow management allows you to estimate the amount of cash that you will have available at any one time, and anticipate trends in cash inflow and cash outflow. It also helps evaluate whether a shortfall or surplus in cash might need to be anticipated. We can assist you with, or manage a monitoring regime for you to give you better control over your cash.

At ‘tax time’, our accurate and intelligent tax return preparation can help you minimise the amount of tax you pay, while meeting your taxation obligations. A win-win outcome. We can assist you to pay the right amount of tax and get your funds ASAP.

It is best to think about your succession plan way before you retire. You’ll need to think about many important issues and this is definitely an area best not left until it’s too late.
This can become quite serious, but we are excellent at liaising with the Australian Tax Office. We can help prepare your returns, and smooth the path with the ATO, possibly even negotiating a payment plan.

If you are wondering if we can help, just call!

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